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Advanced Mobility, Protection, and Lethality

Last year, we put together the biggest and most successful iteration of the Future Ground Combat Vehicles event! It was all made possible by a world-class speaker faculty and 200+ military and industry attendees. Moving forward, we are pleased to announce the return of the Future Ground Combat Vehicles event!

We will examine the developments that have taken place since last year. Our speakers will break down short-term and long-term combat vehicle acquisition and modernization priorities. Take advantage of networking sessions to build meaningful business relationships. We expect to build on the success of last year’s conference and promise to deliver a purposeful and exciting conference!  

2018 Featured Speakers Include:

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Bigger! Badder! Bolder Topics!


Establishing AI software in vehicles to increase automation, communication and maintenance


Adopting next-generation armor to lower the weight and increase protection and mobility of vehicles


Utilizing advanced communication and navigation technologies to operate in area denial environments


Reviewing energy efficient powertrain technologies for upgrading current fleets


Using unmanned robots and vehicles to increase situational awareness and lighten the soldier's load


Integrating Active Protection Systems into the NGCV platform to counter anti-tank missiles


Understanding current and future plans for modernization of the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker platforms

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